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Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 page (25kb)
Servings Per Visit: About 20
Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value *
Love 100% Kindness 100%
Happiness 100% Courage 100%
Friendship 100% Audacity 100%
Creativity 100% Action 100%
Bliss 100% Compassion 100%
Laughter 100% Patience 92%
Growth 100% Generosity 100%
Authenticity 100% Fun 100%
* Percent Daily Values are based on the employees of zaadz. Your daily requirements may be higher or lower depending on how evolved you are.
INGREDIENTS: Pure intention of love & compassion; commitment to using greatest strengths in the greatest service to the world; passionate desire to create, to serve & to circulate wealth; lots of laughter; conscious deep breathing; plenty of green tea; various asanas; a lot of hard work.

Let’s change the world.

This is Brian, your friendly Philosopher & CEO here at Zaadz. On behalf of our entire team, I’d like to welcome you to our little Oasis on the web. Thrilled you've found us. Here’s a quick intro to what we’re up to:

Our Name. We'll start with the name. zaad. It's Dutch for "seed." Amazing how much potential is in a tiny seed, eh? We think so, too. That power reminds us of the amazing potential within each of us. We thought the idea of creating a company that inspires and empowers you to bring your "seed" to actualization would be pretty powerful. So, we created "Zaadz."

Our Mission. We're gonna change the world. Our math goes like this: you be the change + you follow your bliss + you give your greatest strengths to the world moment to moment to moment + we do everything in our power to help you succeed + you inspire and empower everyone you know to do the same + we team up with millions like us = we just affected billions = we (together) changed the world.

Our Plan. Ours involves Conscious Capitalism infused with Spirituality and a healthy dose of Enthusiasm, Love, Service, Inspiration, Passion, Humor and Teamwork. People CRAZY enough to think they can change the world, Courageous enough to do something about it, AND Committed enough to stick to it when they feel like giving up.

We’re in the process of building THE most inspired community of people in the world…social networking with a purpose, a community of seekers and conscious entrepreneurs circulating wisdom and inspiration and wealth and all that good stuff. We're passionate about inspiring and empowering people to bring their dreams to life, learning and growing and getting paid to do what they love, using their greatest gifts in the greatest service to the world. (And having fun in the process!)

Our Community. You (& Your Friends). Yes, you. You want more than the 9-5, the house and the car, the conditioning. The blah! Life is to be lived - Fully. In spirit. In love. In service. In celebration. (You've already swallowed the red pill, so let's go…)

Us. A community of Leaders, Visionaries, Thinkers, Artists, Writers, Healers, Teachers, Activists, Environmentalists, Conscious Entrepreneurs, and Many (many!) Others. People of many ages (from 12 to 90), many nationalities, from different countries (over 110!) and different backgrounds. Some already making huge differences in thousands of lives, others working to make a difference starting with themselves.

We’re thrilled you’ve joined us so early on and are excited to change the world together.


Brian Johnson, Philosopher & CEO

P.S. What would you do if you weren't afraid?

P.P.S. Did you see the exciting news that the CEO of Whole Foods just invested in Zaadz? Yayuh! :)

“In the faces of men and women I see God.”
~ Walt Whitman from Leaves of Grass

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